basement tanking

Basement tanking is a term referred to in the construction industry that refers to different systems that help keep a basement, or even an underground structure, free from all types of water.

There are two basic systems referred to as tanking systems that are in use today. External systems are the most common option used when the basement or structure is being built in the first place, and internal systems are used after the building has already been formed. Basement tanking is an industry term that basically means a waterproofing system designed to prevent all kinds of water from gaining entrance into a basement or underground structure.

External basement tanking systems are most commonly installed when the basement or structure is being constructed. The main concept of any types of these systems is to keep water away from the junctions where the walls and the floor meet, since this is a significant weak spot formed by a joint. There are various designs when it comes to making an external tank, but most of them use a waterproof membrane that is basically wrapped around the concrete. It is installed before the cement is poured, and after the forms have been removed it is then wrapped around the entire concrete section, which effectively encloses it inside of a tank. The outer edges are protected from constant water by installing drainage pipes and in addition, surrounding the area with gravel, helps carry the water away from the cement and the membrane, rather than allowing the water to constantly beat against them.

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