Do you need a damp treatment because:

you’ve found a patch of damp on your living room wall?

you’re not sure if your basement or loft has a damp issue?

Most householders panic when they think they have damp in their property but don’t despair, call Shields Damp Proofing – the damp experts – today on 0208 001 0133.

Our expert team are here to first identify the type of damp you have and to then offer the best damp treatment course of action to rectify it.

Visible damp stains or mould on the internal and external walls of your property, as well as walls feeling wet and cold, are all signs of damp. Dampness can be present at any height and can propagate to ceilings.

Damage to plasterwork, flaking, blistering, salt deposits on walls and Timber decay are all signs of damp and should be treated immediately.

When you see these signs it is always best to get one of our damp proofing experts to take a look at it straight away rather than leave it to get worse as the damp treatment needed may become more costly. Our damp proofing experts here at Shields Damp Proofing can be trusted to carry out the work to the highest standards and undertake only the work that needs doing to deal with your immediate damp problem. The causes of damp can be broken down into three main categories:

damp treatment and proofing

Penetrating damp

This type of damp is mainly caused by broken pipes, a leaking roof or a blocked drainpipe.


This is the easiest damp to see. You will see condensation on the windows and windowsills as well as mould showing up in your bathroom and kitchen due to lack of ventilation.

Rising damp

Rising damp is the most popular type of damp and is normally caused by your existing damp proof course being damaged, faulty, compromised or non existent in your property.

Our damp proofing professionals here at Shields Damp Proofing will be able to swiftly identify which type of damp is causing the problem and suggest a plan of action to rectify it to ensure your walls stay dry inside and out and to get your property back to its former glory.

Damp proofing keeps moisture out of a property and can be achieved in several ways including:

  • A damp proof course
  • A damp proof membrane
  • Integral damp proofing
  • Surface coating
  • Cavity wall construction

Ask our team to explain in more depth on the right solution for you and your home. Call us today for a rapid response on 0208 001 0133.

Combat your damp problem

We deal with rising damp issues within your home and business. 

As a Triton approved contractor, you can trust Shield Damp Proofing Ltd to provide a first class service. For your peace of mind, we provide a 30 year certificate of warranty on chemical damp proof courses.

Working quickly and efficiently, your damp problem can be resolved with our expert damp treatment in no time.

Shield Damp Proofing Ltd can help eliminate damp

If your home or business has become affected by damp, call Shield Damp Proofing Ltd  on 0208 001 0133 to arrange your FREE quotation and survey. Our highly skilled damp proofing specialists are happy to deal with all enquiries.