treating dry rot

Treating Timber

Shields Damp Proofing are experts when It comes to treating dry rot and other infested timber problems.

On our site visit, we will inspect your timber problem, treat it and in some cases replace the damaged timbers. The most common timber problems we come across today are woodworm, wet and dry rot.


This wood disease accounts for most of the timber treatments we rectify today caused mainly by the common furniture beetle. However this form of woodworm is very easy to treat with either spray or gel solutions, according to the severity of the infestation.

Our experienced team have many years experience in treating timber and will be happy to receive your call to discuss your timber problems, call us today on 0208 001 0133.

Treating dry rot and wet rot

Wet and dry rot is better known as fungi that attacks wood and eventually breaks it down. weakening the timber. In some cases there is no other way other than to replace the timber but there are solutions too to rectify the problem, especially if we are treating dry rot.

Wet and dry rot is able to grow when there is a high moisture content in the home. This may be caused by a leaking roof, gutter or a plumbing leak. It also can grow when the environment is not ventilated enough.

If you think there is a problem with any type of wet or dry rot, however small, then seek the expertise of our team at Shields Damp Proofing.

Call our team to organise a home visit to assess the extent of your timber problems including treating dry rot as against replacing timbers. Let us get it rectified immediately for you before it gets any worse. Call us today on 0208 001 0133, we are waiting for your call.